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Trauma and EMDR

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or panic attacks- these are often symptoms of underlying trauma or experiences in life that have not been processed, together we will work to figure the root of your symptoms and process any trauma or experiences that continue to create symptoms and disrupt the nervous system.

Fertility Struggles

I use EMDR as well as other modalities to support you through the fertility journey.  Sometimes negative thoughts and beliefs form or old traumas play into how someone is feeling as they struggle with fertility.  I will support you in whatever way feels best for you but have found that EMDR can be very helpful. I have also struggled with my own fertility and so I can really empathize and understand  the different thoughts and feelings that often arise despite the differences in everyone's journey.

Couples Therapy and EMDR

I work with couples to identify what is causing their triggers, meaning what causes them to get upset or angry during a fight, or possibly withdraw and shut down.  I meet with both the couple as a couple and each person individually. We will work to identify the triggers, process them using EMDR and also help each person in the couple understand and support each other while also owning their own part. The goal is for each person to be much more empowered around their own responses when there is conflict and to be able to stay regulated in order to work through the conflict together.

(I do not accept insurance for couples sessions)

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