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About Me

I have practiced psychotherapy in both community mental health and private practice for over 15 years.  I believe strongly that the body holds a lot of wisdom and often gives us messages through symptoms such as anxiety and depression as well as aches and pains. I also believe your own system knows what it needs to do in order to heal if it is supported in the process, just as a cut on your finger heals on it's own if you keep it clean and support it's process. This is also why I believe strongly in the power of EMDR therapy to help clear and heal old wounds - it relies on your systems inner knowing to guide the process.  I have also practiced meditation for 15 years and I feel this gives me a solid inner/grounded foundation to work from in helping you on your journey of healing.

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About Me: About Me

My Qualifications

Licensed Professional Counselor LPC

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Licensed Addiction Counselor, LAC

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Trained in EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, CA

Bachelors in Psychology

CU Boulder

About Me: Credentials
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